How to Bring the Safety of Your Home to Your Smart Phone

Safety has a lot to do with our peace of mind and how we settle to other duties. It is a very important need on which many people spend a fortune just to have a semblance of it. Technology, has tried to make it easily available and in very convenient if not also beautiful ways. The smart phone is at the center of this big revolution that is security and safety as defined by technology.

One can use the smart phone to control who gets the door open and who is sent away. It can be used to notify the owner of the house when there is a package delivered or when someone tried to gain access to the house at whatever time. Skybell door bell  do exactly that. They are equipped with a high resolution camera that can record both video and still cameras. These videos are stored in the cloud as it is connected via Wi-Fi. Movement picked by the motion sensors or someone pressing the doorbell activates the video and camera function. As it is connected to the smart phone, one gets a notification immediately there is an activity near the doorbell. What is more, the video starts recording and the owner of the house can talk to the person at the door through his smart phone. There is a microphone and speaker inbuilt in the doorbell that enables communication. One can ask the mission of the person or if it is an intruder, a clip or video footage will be available for further review much later. Also, if one is far, you can call the people around to open the door should need be or pick the parcel if dropped. Again, if one has a smart lock, you can decide to open the door or leave a message- all done from wherever you are with a smart phone.

One needs a smart phone to use some smart locks. Master lock and Kwikset Kevo are some of the smart locks that use the smart phone as key and control. Kwikset Kevo locks use the Bluetooth technology to control access to the house. The owner sets the codes using the settings provided. Then, whenever there is any unrecognized Bluetooth device within range, the owner will be notified to take action. If the owner would wish to allow the person in, he will set some temporary codes to open the door and send to the guest. The guest has to have a Bluetooth enabled phone and be within a certain radius for it to work. This way the guest gets a smart key or e-key for entry.

Any activity that takes place with the lock for instance entries and all are recorded in a registry that the owner can easily access. This is important as it will help determine the culprit should there be a break in or should need arise.

My home fox security is an intelligent security system that incorporates an alarm system, a camera and sensors. The sensors capture any vibrations indicating a burglary or break in and set off the alarm. There is an attached siren that goes off alerting the people close by. Also, there are emails and texts alert on the expected  intrusion as captured by the sensors that are sent to designated and predetermined smart phones and addresses for them to respond within a specific time before the alarm goes off. The pairing with a smart phone makes it easily accessible and action readily taken from wherever the person is. One can call the police or take any appropriate action as deemed fit.